Grooming Packages

something for every pooch, big or small

Grooming Packages

Comfort Style

Duration - Every 8 weeks (body length < 3mm/0.3cm)
Time : 1 to 1.5 hrs

  • A short all over, low maintenance even clip. To have your dog feeling light, clean and comfortable. Comfort style is most practical and kind option for dogs who feel the heat or with compromised health.

  • SML (6-10kg) from $95.00
  • MED (10-20kg) from $110.00
  • LGE (20-30kg) from $150.00
  • * Service limited to dogs under 30kg only

Half Style

Duration : Every 4-6 weeks (body length < 13mm/shorter)
Time : 1.5 to 2 hrs

  • The half style is created with a medium / short body, longer length legs, a round face & curved teddy bear ears.

  • SML (6-10kg) from $105.00
  • MED (10-20kg) from $115.00
  • LGE (20-30kg) from $160.00
  • * Service limited to dogs under 30kg only

Breed Style

Duration : Every 6 weeks
Time : 1.5 to 2 hrs

  • Tailored styling to a traditional breed specific trim. Your pup does not need to be purebred for this styling - turn your oodle into a poodle or turn your Maltese mix into a Schnauzer.

  • Breed specific cuts may be customised to suit each client.

  • SML (6-10kg) from $115.00
  • MED (10-20kg) from $125.00
  • LGE (20-30kg) from $160.00
  • * Service limited to dogs under 30kg only

Puppy Tidy Up

Congratulations on your new family member 🐾
We encourage starting your puppy's grooming journey at 12 to 20 weeks of age and/or once they are fully vaccinated.

  • It is essential to introduce your puppy to the world of grooming from a young age, to become accustomed to the process.

  • We recommend maintaining a regular grooming schedule every 5-6 weeks, for a relaxed grooming experience.

  • ALL SIZES (12-20 weeks old) $80.00
  • Tidy up includes - Shampoo & condition bath, fluff blow dry, nail trim, ear clean, face tidy, paw tidy, sanitary areas trimmed.

  • * Service limited to dogs under 30kg only

Bath & Tidy

Ideal treatment 4 weeks after a complete groom, to keep their coat in the best condition it can be!

  • * Please note your dog’s coat must be free from tangles and matts. This service is not available for dogs matted coats and/or dogs that have not been groomed in the last 8-12 weeks *

  • What’s included? A warm exfoliating bath with two shampoo rinses, conditioner treatment, fluff blow-dry, a full body comb, sanitary trim, face tidy, paw tidy, nail trim, ear clean & optional natural spritz available to finish.

  • SML (6-10kg) $75.00
  • MED (10-20kg) $90.00
  • LGE (20-30kg) $110.00
  • * Service limited to dogs under 30kg only

Bath & Blow Dry

Have your pooch feeling squeaky clean & fresh. Ideal for breeds which require less grooming or for those who need a little tender loving care. A refreshing bath, condition, blow dry (+) PLUS a full body comb through.

Short Hair

  • SML (6-10kg) $40.00
  • MED (10-20kg) $45.00
  • LGE (20-30kg) $50.00
  • X-LGE (30-42kg) $55.00

Long Hair

  • SML (6-10kg) $50.00
  • MED (10-20kg) $60.00
  • LGE (20-30kg) $75.00
  • X-LGE (30-42kg) $90.00

Bath & Towel Dry

Shampoo & condition bath. All shampoo's and conditioners are premium natural products.

De-Shedding Treatment

Our de-shedding treatment comes with a full wash and high velocity blow dry, full body comb through, neatening of the ears, feathering, feet and sanitary area and nail clipping.

For short haired breeds we use Artero De-shedding Tool. Designed to remove dead undercoat quickly, gently, and effectively.

Add-ons / Extras

These include: Flea Rinse to get rid of existing fleas
Heavy Matting - needing extra care
and Nail Trim only

  • Nail Trim (only)
  • SML (6-10kg) $11.00
  • MED (10-20kg) $16.50
  • LGE (20-30kg) $27.50

A Full Groom Includes

Prices depend on dogs coat texture and condition + the size/breed of the dog. Large dogs will be assessed and priced once I’ve seen them as its difficult to give a quote without seeing the dog. Certain breed clips and severely matted coats, which are very, labour intensive may incur additional fees.

* Services are limited to dogs under 30kg only.