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Grooming Services

The Complete Groom

From nose to tail, this thorough treatment is recommended every 8 weeks for dogs that need regular grooming.

Specific Breed Cuts

Different breeds all have their own special grooming concerns and adhering to specific practises is so important.

1st Puppy Groom

Your puppy's introduction to grooming at 12 to 20 weeks is ideal for building their confidence and trust for the future.

Bath & Tidy

Ideal treatment 4 weeks after a complete groom, to keep their coat in the best condition it can be! NOT available for dogs with matted coats and/or dogs that have not been groomed in the last 8-12 weeks.

Bath & Dry

Ideal for those breed which require less grooming, an refreshing bath followed by a towel or blow dry.

De-Shedding Package

Ideal for moulting dogs or double coated breeds to remove all the loose hair & thick undercoat.

Add-ons / Extras

These include: Flea Rinse to get rid of existing fleas Heavy Matting - needing extra care and Nail Trim only

A Full Groom Includes

Prices depend on dogs coat texture and condition + the size/breed of the dog. Large dogs will be assessed and priced once I’ve seen them as its difficult to give a quote without seeing the dog. Certain breed clips and severely matted coats, which are very, labour intensive may incur additional fees.

* Services are limited to dogs under 30kg only.

Qualified Veterinary Nurse & Certified Dog Groomer

Making your dog’s grooming experience as enjoyable as possible! I’m Shauna, Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse offering a professional dog grooming service for all dog breeds big and small in the comfort of my new salon at home and specialised in:

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